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The Good Samaritan Society Clearwater Centre


Dedicated to creating a home like atmosphere

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Our Suite

The Compassionate Care Hospice Society has partnered with The Good Samaritan Society Clearwater Centre, which is where our suite is located. The Good Samaritan Mission, Vision and Values is to provide home-like environments for individuals and families in need of quality supports through end-of-life transitions. GSS and CCHS recognize the value of collaboration and coming together as a community to give residents and their families a place that provides care, companionship and peace of mind. The Good Samaritan Society Clearwater Centre has a strong history of being a welcoming home for residents and families, and this hospice suite situated in supportive living is a continuation of this legacy.

Please join us for a virtual tour of our Hospice Suite. 

 Our suite comes stocked with everyday items such as pillows, linens, kitchenware, etc. All items found within our hospice suite are owned by the Compassionate Care Hospice Society (2016) and is available for our clients usage. This includes all medical equipment and furniture. Below is just some of the medical equipment that is available within our hospice suite:


Air Mattress

 Hospital Bed



Lift Slings


Tilt Shower Commode

Viking sling lift 2.jpg

Full Mechanical

Sling Lift

Blanket Warmer.jpg

Blanket Warmer



cchs broda chair.jpg





The Hospice Suite is offered free of charge to our clients, which includes meals and professional care, courtesy of the Compassionate Care Hospice Society and Alberta Health Services. 
Medication costs are similar to home. The client/family is responsible for payment and partial coverage is available through the Alberta Blue Cross Palliative Care program. If you are not already signed up for this, Home Care, the Palliative Care Resource Nurse or your doctor can help you. Supplies, such as those for ostomy or wound care, adult continence supplies and other specific needs will be discussed with you by the Home Care nurse. Some of the cost of these supplies may be eligible for coverage through the Alberta Aides to Daily Living Program.

All medical care will be provided by your family physician (must have 24 hour availability or on-call coverage). Home Care will work with you and your health care team to create a plan of care individualized for you. The Home Care Case Manager will oversee all aspects of your care. The on-site Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aides will provide hands-on care and support. The Palliative Care Resource Nurse can provide in-depth specialized assessments and recommendations for your care to the health care team. The Hospice Society will also play a supportive role in your care, based on decisions you will make with them regarding the use of their services and volunteers.


The Hospice Society offers five components of care to support you and those you care about:
• Contact Base
• Information Base
• Volunteers
• Bereavement Support
• Communication and Advocacy


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